How to publish your Posts on babystreaming?

With babystreaming, anyone can publish videos, posts and links.

You can have different roles on Babystreaming. When you register on Babystreaming, vous êtes un simple subscriber. If you would like to create and publish your own posts, you need to become a Contributor, Author or Editor. To get more rights on the website, you need to ask the webmaster for it via a message through your administration interface.

Publish your content in 3 simple steps:

  1. Register on the website here: .
  2. Send a message to the webmaster to get publication rights
  3. Once the rights have been granted to you, you can add new Posts and links through your administration interface

The different publishing roles:

You can get more publishing roles to have more rights on the website. Ask the webmaster for it by sending a message.

  • Contributor: you can add and delete your posts, but they have to be validated by an Editor to be published.
  • Author: you can add and delete your posts and publish them.
  • Editor: you have all rights on any posts in the website., you can edit them, delete them and change the owner.

Don’t hesitate to contact the webmaster for any question.

Add posts and links

Babystreaming let authors add Posts and links.


Posts are pages that feature some content, for example a movie, a tv series or a anime. For example, this is a post. Posts have links on their page so users can watch videos related to the content.


Links is a little text that link to some multimedia content, for example a video. On babystreaming, lots of the links are from cacaoweb, which is a platform to host and share files and multimedia content.

To add a link, you need to be connected to babystreaming with your user account, then click here:

Add posts and links and make money

If you are an Author on babystreaming, you can add posts and links in your administration interface. Adding links manually is generally not needed because babystreaming will automatically grab links off search engines like cacaoweb. If meta informations have been entered correctly in your cacaoweb file manager, this automated grabbing process is the easiest way to import your links. However, you can still add links manually, from any hosting platform.

When you are Author or Editor, you also have the possibility to add your cacaoweb affiliate code on each video of the posts, and make money this way through cacaoweb affiliate program.


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