12 Rounds

12 Rounds in streaming. A sting operation to capture notorious arms dealer Miles Jackson goes awry when the FBI's inside man doublecrosses them. Miles rendezvouses with his girlfriend Erica Kessen who has a getaway car. Officer Danny Fisher and his partner, Officer Hank Carver, are dispatched to help the FBI. On their way, they look at Miles' record and see a surveillance video of him dancing with Erica. A sudden encounter with them when they spot Erica at a traffic light leads in Erica being killed and Miles being taken away. Miles swears vengeance on Danny. One year later, Danny gets a phone call from Miles, who has escaped from prison. Danny runs outside the house looking for Miles. Danny's car and house explode, throwing Danny to the ground. After he recovers, Miles says he is launching a game of revenge called "12 Rounds". The house, the car, and Phil, the plumber who came to fix a pipe were "Round 1". Molly, Danny’s girlfriend is kidnapped by Miles for ‘Round 2’. Miles promises that if Danny does all that he says and lives through all 12 rounds, he will let Molly go. For "Round 3", Danny and Hank must follow a series of clues to locate the cell phone that Miles calls and for Round 4 Danny has to get to New Orleans Savings and Loan where a fire has broken out and he must extract two security deposit boxes within 20 minutes.
Duration: 108 min
Year of release: 2009
Genres: Action

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