21 and Over

21 and Over in streaming. Having been best friends in high school, Casey and Miller, themselves are already 21 or over and want to take Jeff Chang out for his 21st birthday. However, he declines, as he has to get up early the next morning to arrive at the important med school interview at 8 am. After Miller threatens to make a lot of noise the whole night if he persists in his refusal he accepts to come along for just one drink. In a bar, Jeff accidentally hits a boy named Randy with a dart. Randy gets aggressive and they have to flee, even though Casey was having a nice chat with a girl named Nicole. Jeff gets excited that he is allowed to enter bars now, drinks too much, and becomes unresponsive. Casey and Miller want to take him home, but do not remember where he lives. Since Nicole knows Jeff, they try to find her, because she may know where he lives. They sneak into a sorority house, where they think Nicole lives, but it is the wrong house, where only female Latina students live.
Directors: ,
Duration: 93 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Comedy

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