A Christmas Wedding Date

A Christmas Wedding Date in streaming. Ten years after leaving her small town for big-city success, a woman returns for a friend's Christmas Eve wedding. All the old high-school rivalries and relationships return, and she is grateful she is staying only for one night. However, she finds herself caught in a "Groundhog Day" style time vortex, in which only she is aware that the events are incessantly repeating. At first bored and frustrated, she soon approaches each repeat day with enthusiasm, aware of the possibilities for growth through new experiences and aware as well of her remaining attachment for her high-school boyfriend. She uses the time to grow again close to her estranged mother, whom she has almost ignored for the years she has been chasing her big-city career. She also learns to relax and try to accept the possibilities in her life and the possible romance it offers her.
Duration: 90 min
Year of release: 2012
Genres: Comedy

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