Blackbird in streaming. Sean Randall (Connor Jessup), a goth teenager, is a friend of classmate Deanna (Alexia Fast) (they daily ride the same bus). Her boyfriend plays in a hockey team, and she is friends with the members. Sean's father has a gun collection. Sean sometimes joins him when he goes hunting. One day he films a deer slaughtered by his father, and shows this to his schoolmates, which, in addition to his goth look, makes them think he is creepy. One day the members of the hockey team bully Sean for being weird and for being friends with Deanna. Sean is angry. His teacher advises him to write down his feelings. He writes a revenge story and publishes it on internet; it is about using his father's guns against the hockey team and Deanna, although he has no real intention to harm anybody. He is put in juvenile jail, where inmates also bully him, especially their leader Trevor (Alex Ozerov), who has been longest in jail, after years ago killing a man playing Santa Claus who seemed to have pedophile interest in him. Sean is hurt for lying about why he is in jail, the others steal part of his food, and he has to return the ball all the time when Trevor plays ping pong with one of the others. Tired of the latter he crushes the ball, after which Trevor threatens to kill him. Therefore Sean deliberately commits an offence (withholding some cutlery) to be put in the isolation ward. To be released from the jail sooner, he reluctantly follows his lawyer's advise to plead guilty for really planning a school shooting, even though he did not. He is indeed released, under the condition that he does not have any contact with Deanna or the hockey team members. He avoids a goth look now, but the people still consider him weird and dangerous, and his car is vandalized.
Duration: 95 min
Year of release: 2012
Genres: Drama

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