Bullet in the Face

Bullet in the Face in streaming. The story is set in the neo-noir city of Brüteville, a dystopian city fought over by two vicious mob bosses, agoraphobic elitist Johann Tannhäuser (Eddie Izzard) and doltish Racken (Eric Roberts). While robbing a jewelry store, Gunter Vogler (Max Williams), a sociopath and universally feared hitman, receives an order from his boss, Tannhäuser, to kill his partner and lover, Martine Mahler (Kate Kelton). Martine, however, complicates the situation when she tells Vogler that she is pregnant with his child. When a police officer interrupts the robbery, Vogler enthusiastically kills the cop, but he himself is shot in the face by Martine. Waking up in a hospital, Vogler finds himself under the care of the Brüteville Police, who have surgically grafted the face of the detective he killed in place of his own. The police seek to use Vogler's knowledge of the criminal underworld and thirst for vengeance to finally take out the elusive Tannhäuser, with Vogler posing as the deceased cop. Partnering up with the morally unshakable Lt. Karl Hagerman (Neil Napier), the two solve crimes while searching for Tannhäuser, including a series of apparent priest suicides and a teenaged murderer.
Duration: 30 min
Year of release: 2012
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

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