Dark Skies

Dark Skies in streaming. In a suburban street, the Barrett Family consisting of father Daniel (Josh Hamilton), mother Lacy (Keri Russell), oldest son Jesse (Dakota Goyo), and youngest son Sammy (Kadan Rockett) hosts a barbecue and invites their friends, the Jessops, over. At night, Jesse and Sammy communicate with each other from their beds via walkie-talkie. Jesse is reading scary stories about The Sandman, which frightens Sammy. Lacy wakes up at night and checks on her boys before heading down to the kitchen where she discovers the fridge door open with its contents spread out all over the floor. The backdoor is also wide open. The next day, she and Daniel believe an animal broke in, although Lacy questions why the vegetables were eaten while the meat remained untouched. Daniel has a job interview which doesn't go well, and he receives a notice in the mail that their mortgage payment is late. That night, Lacy wakes up and heads down to the kitchen. She discovers all of their canned and packaged foods stacked up in towers all over the kitchen counters, floor, and table. The chandelier above the dining table also appears to project a strange sign on the ceiling. Lacy brushes it off as a nightmare, and in the morning the police come to check all of the doors and windows to see if there was a break in, but find nothing. The police officer suggests Daniel reconnect his home security system despite the cost. The next night, the alarm is set off, waking up the entire family. Daniel shuts off the alarm and notices that all doors and windows are still locked. The alarm company calls and believes it to be a malfunction in the system because it shows that all entry points into the house were breached at exactly the same time. Lacy and Daniel then notice all of their photographs have disappeared from their frames. The alarm company sends over a technician in the morning who determines that nothing was breached.
Duration: 97 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Horror

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