Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade in streaming. The film set during the era of the Han Dynasty. Huo An (Chan), the hun serves as a commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions of the Han Dynasty. They are tasked by the emperor to maintain stability between the warring 36 nations in the Silk Road region. Huo An and his subordinates are framed by his crooked superior (Choi). They are sent to the Wild Geese Gate, a frontier town of the Han Dynasty and undergo forced labor. In the west, meanwhile, a Roman general named Lucius (Cusack) flees with his legion to the east. He smuggles Publius (Waite), heir of the Roman consul for the Parthian Empire to save him from death and a ploy by his older brother, Tiberius (Brody), who schemes to takeover the heir position of the Consul for himself. Lucius arrives at outskirt of the Wild Geese Gate, with plans to assault the frontier town with his legion
Duration: 90 min
Year of release: 2015
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

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  1. Dragon Blade
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