Eden in streaming. Hyune Jae is a Korean-American teenager girl living in New Mexico in 1994 with her immigrant parents. Jae works at her father’s taxidermy shop, but is bored. After convincing her reluctant mother to let her go out on a Friday night, she joins her friend Abby at a local bar with fake IDs. Jae meets a good-looking young man in a fireman uniform, and accepts his offer to drive her home. In the car, Jae notices that there is a policeman uniform costume in the backseat and the firefighter badge is fake. Jae attempts to escape from the car, but is caught. She is bound, gagged, and thrown into the trunk of a second car driven by a second man. Jae is taken to an isolated warehouse in the middle of the desert, where she is put in a hospital room and has her braces and other belongings forcibly removed. Confused and terrified, Jae meets the leader of the operation, a corrupt federal marshal Bob Gault, and his overseer, Vaughan, a short-tempered and drug-addicted striver. After confirming her suspicions that she is now part of a sex-trafficking ring, Gault christens her with her new name, Eden, named after the place where she and her family used to live, and tells her that any acts of trouble could end with the harm of her family. Gault tells her that she has a few days to accept this reality and after that, she will start working for him.
Duration: 98 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Drama

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