In Fear

In Fear in streaming. After dating for just two weeks, Tom (Iain De Caestecker) invites Lucy (Alice Englert) to go with him and some friends to a festival. The night before, Tom plans to take Lucy to the Kilairney House Hotel, which he booked online and is hidden away on a series of remote roads in the Irish countryside. Before making their way to the hotel, the couple stop at a pub and a confrontation occurs between Tom and some of the locals. On the empty back road to the hotel, Tom and Lucy find themselves going in circles despite following the signs. Their satnav stops working. They eventually realise that they keep returning to the same point no matter which route they take and are unable to find their way back to the main road. Strange things begin happening, including Lucy spotting a man in a white mask and someone attempting to grab her from the darkness. While speeding down the road away from their attacker, Tom clips a man in the road. He and Lucy pick up the man, who says his name is Max (Allen Leech). Max claims to be under attack by the same people stalking the couple. However, he is eventually revealed to be the true culprit. Tom kicks Max out of the car following a harrowing confrontation and Max breaks Tom’s wrist in a subsequent fight. Lucy and Tom take their torches and search the woods when their car runs out of petrol. In the darkness Tom is grabbed and disappears. Lucy returns to the car alone and finds a petrol can in the front seat. After refilling the tank and with the satnav now mysteriously working again, Lucy drives on and eventually finds the hotel, but discovers that it is abandoned. The car park is a graveyard of derelict cars, suggesting that she and Tom are not the first victims.
Duration: 85 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Horror

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