Khumba in streaming. A half-striped zebra named Khumba (Jake T. Austin) is born into an insular, isolated herd obsessed with stripes. Rumors that the strange foal is cursed spread and, before long, he is blamed for the drought that sets into the Great Karoo, except for Tombi (AnnaSophia Robb) his female zebra friend who has a huge crush on him. When a mystical mantis (Adrian Rhodes) appears to the foal, He draws a map to what could be interpreted as either water or stripes. When even his father (Laurence Fishburne), the leader of the herd, blames him for the lack of rain and the subsequent death of his mother (Anika Noni Rose), the outcast zebra leaves the confines of his home knowing that he cannot survive in the herd without all his stripes. Khumba ventures beyond the fence - vulnerable to the ferocious Leopard Phango (Liam Neeson), who terrorizes all the animals in the Great Karoo. Born blind in one eye and rejected by his family when he was just a cub has made Phango obsessed with being whole. Phango is highly superstitious and, unbeknown to Khumba, has been waiting for the half-striped zebra, which, according to an ancient myth will make him the most powerful hunter that ever lived.
Duration: 85 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Animation

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