Leviathan in streaming. The film is set in fictional town of Pribrezhny (shot in the coastal town of Teriberka,[11] Murmansk), Russia. The story revolves around a hotheaded simpleton alcoholic man named Kolya (Alexei Serebriakov) and the events in his life. The film's narrative is focused on the dark and icy aspects of human nature and the modern fissures found in social contracts,[12] particularly the ones found in the abuses of modern law. The film attempts to unmask the truth behind moral aspects of superficial friendliness, blind love and undeserved trust. Things begin to unravel tragically for Kolya when crooked mayor Vadim (Roman Madyanov) eyes Kolya's property and moves to officially expropriate it, supposedly for a telecoms mast, for a grossly undervalued sum. Kolya believes the mayor's real plan is to build a villa for himself. Kolya values his independence takes great pride in having aristocracy that his family has lived in that house for generations. The mayor's plan threatens his life's foundations. Meanwhile, Kolya also has to juggle his disarrayed family life with a discontented wife Lilia (Elena Lyadova) and an underachiever and delinquent son Roma (Sergey Pokhodaev), from his first marriage. Kolya is friends with people varying social standings in his town, though his friends are only friends for exploiting his talent as a skilled mechanic as favors.
Duration: 140 min
Year of release: 2014
Genres: Drama

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