Lost in streaming. After the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 on a deserted island, the survivors (forty-eight) must learn to live and survive in this hostile environment. The characters each have a long history revealed episodes in flashbacks. From the first night, they realize they are not alone on the island ... The plot of the series can be divided into three conductors son: the main frame with the daily lives of the characters on the island, a subframe, with the story of the past, future or alternate reality characters (through flashbacks, flashforwards or flashsideways), which sheds light on their present behavior or the result of such behavior, frame on the island built around fantastic elements of the island (aside mythology) or confrontation between various international organizations to take control of the island (scientific side-plot). If, at first glance, the main theme of the series seems to be survival on an island, it is the case that during the first season.
Duration: 42 min
Year of release: 2005

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