Mortdecai in streaming. Lord Charlie Mortdecai is an eccentric art dealer with a curly mustache. He is at a casino in Hong Kong meeting with a gangster named Fang to sell a rare vase. Mortdecai is about to collect the money when Fang reminds him that during their last transaction, Mortedcai sold him a piece of art for $3 million when it was only worth $1 million. As payback, Fang wants to collect one of Mortdecai's fingers. One of Fang's men tries to do the job when Mortdecai's faithful manservant/thug Jock steps in and beats the goon. A shootout ensues, forcing Mortdecai and Jock to flee. Recently, Mortedcai and his wife Johanna have come into debt. After returning to his home in London, Johanna sees the mustache her husband has grown and she is utterly repulsed by it, gagging whenever he kisses her. She ponders what they will do about their financial concerns. Here, we learn how much Mortedcai loves his wife, and he also mentions a bit about Jock, specifically how much sex he has and how it's gotten him in hot water (i.e., sleeping with a farmer's daughter).
Duration: 107 min
Year of release: 2015
Genres: Action, Comedy, Thriller

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