Nightmare Man

Nightmare Man in streaming. Ellen believes there is a supernatural creature trying to kill her: the "Nightmare Man". Her husband and doctors believe she is a paranoid schizophrenic. On the way to psychiatric ward, the Morris' car breaks down. When her husband goes to get gas, Ellen stays behind and is attacked by her mysterious, horrifying enemy, the Nightmare Man. Escaping into the nearby woods, Ellen stumbles upon a country house where two young couples are spending the weekend. They do not know if the killer is real or just a figment of Ellen's tortured mind nor if the killer is outside or already inside the house. As people start dying, nobody knows whom they can trust. Near the end of the film, the killer is revealed to be a hitman hired by Ellen's husband to kill Ellen before she discovers his affairs. Ellen reveals she is possessed by the real Nightmare Man, a demon who enters a female body first by getting them to wear his mask, then he rapes them. As the Nightmare Man, she kills the hitman and her husband. She sets her sights on Mia, the survivor, who kills Ellen, but is stripped and raped by the Nightmare Man's spirit. She is left in an institution, where the doctor decides to take her off her medication, which are the only things that keep the demon asleep.
Duration: 89 min
Year of release: 2006
Genres: Horror

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