Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful in streaming. In 1905 Kansas, con artist Oscar Diggs (James Franco) works as a small-time magician in a traveling circus. As a storm approaches the circus, the circus strongman (Tim Holmes) finds out Oscar has flirted with his wife and attacks him. Oscar escapes in a hot air balloon, but is sucked into a tornado. The cyclone brings him to the Land of Oz where he is found by the witch Theodora (Mila Kunis). Theodora believes him to be a wizard prophesied to defeat the Wicked Witch who killed the king of Oz and took his place as ruler. En route to the capital of Oz, the Emerald City, Theodora falls in love with Oscar, who rebuffs such commitment to her. They also encounter a flying monkey named Finley (Zack Braff), who pledges a life debt to Oscar when the latter saves him from a lion. Oscar reaches the Emerald City where he meets Evanora (Rachel Weisz), Theodora's sister. Evanora is skeptical of Oscar being the foretold wizard, but claims he can have all the power and wealth of the king if he goes to the Dark Forest and kills the Wicked Witch by destroying her wand, the source of her power. Oscar and Finley are joined en route by China Girl (Joey King), a young, living china doll left orphaned after the Wicked Witch destroyed her home. The trio reach the Dark Forest and discover the "Wicked Witch" to be Glinda the Good Witch (Michelle Williams), who tells them Evanora is the true Wicked Witch. Evanora sees this with her crystal ball and manipulates Theodora against Oscar by showing him together with Glinda, saying he is trying to court all three witches. She offers the heartbroken Theodora a magic apple she promises will remove her heartache, which Theodora eats, transforming her into a heartless, green-skinned Wicked Witch...
Duration: 127 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

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