RoboCop in streaming. n a dystopian near-future, Detroit, Michigan is on the verge of collapse due to financial ruin and being overrun by crime. To escape mass collapse, the city mayor has signed a deal with the mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) to allow them to run the underfunded and destroyed police force, in exchange for allowing OCP to demolish the run-down sections of Detroit and construct a high-end utopia called "Delta City" to be managed by OCP as an independent city-state run by the corporation. This move angers the police officers as they are now beholden to OCP, and threaten to strike, but OCP evaluates other options for law enforcement. OCP senior president Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) offers the ED-209 enforcement droid, but when it kills a board member during a demonstration, the OCP chairman (Dan O'Herlihy) decides to go with the experimental cyborg design titled "RoboCop" as suggested by the younger Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer), infuriating Jones, who objects to the idea of a human having robotic parts.
Duration: 102 min
Year of release: 1988
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy

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