Savaged in streaming. When Zoe (Amanda Adrienne) tells her mother that she wants to move in with her long distance boyfriend, her mother is reluctant to let her drive by herself since her daughter is deaf and unable to call for assistance. Despite her reservations, Zoe's mother allows her to go alone, which proves to have disastrous consequences when Zoe is abducted and brutally raped by several rednecks, descendants of people who wiped out the Apache tribe inhabiting these lands over two hundred years ago. A preserved skull of the Apache chief (Rick Mora) is kept by them as a spoil of war. Once they're finished, the rednecks bury Zoe and leave her for dead, only for an elderly Native American man, graveyard keeper West (Tom Ardavany) to attempt bringing her back through a ritual. However, the resurrection ceremony also brings back the spirit of an Apache warchief who was killed by an ancestor of one of the rednecks that raped Zoe. The chief, possessing Zoe's body, starts to hunt down her murderers. West explains to Zoe over what happened to her, warning the possessed woman that her flesh will eventually decay, and for both Zoe and the chief to know peace, they must be avenged quickly. After a number of rednecks are killed (disemboweled, shot with arrows and scalped), the remaining ones decide to abduct Zoe's boyfriend, who arrived in town earlier looking for her. They succeed, barricading themselves in an improvised fortress with loads of weapons. Zoe, in return, arms herself with a long-buried tomahawk and a knife, eventually hunting down all rednecks but Trey (Rodney Rowland), who is the direct descendant of the chief's own murderer. When she tells him to "walk in hell" (the last words spoken to the chief before he was decapitated), Trey realizes what happened, and flees to the graveyard, torturing West for the ways to put Apache ghost to rest. Meanwhile, Zoe murders the rest of Trey's family, while her boyfriend figures out that she is alive, and heads to the Apache sacred grounds as well.
Duration: 95 min
Year of release: 2015
Genres: Horror

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