School Of Thrones

School Of Thrones in streaming. In the last 48 hours a new set of Thrones parody web series was launched: School of Thrones, it has already raised nearly half a million views and it is increasingly strong. Set in Westeros Valley High, School of Thrones is a parody GOT teenager. It's snarky fast, and full of cute. Sources tell us that there are two other episodes ready to launch, but after the festival of fan love, I'm sure the guys to go back to school to shoot episodes earlier. With a star cast loaded web including: Mary Kate Wiles as Sansa, Maxwell Glick as Stanis, Joey Richter Theon Greyjoy, Ashly Burch as Dany Targarye and a bunch of other familiar faces - it is sure to continue Mbé a success. Check it out. If you are not initially sold on this, see the great high animtaed game Throne intro Version!.
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Comedy

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