Scorned in streaming. The film opens with a vision of a young girl seemingly drowning in a pool. Texts in-between two people are also shown, talking about one of them breaking up with their girlfriend over the weekend and instead being with the correspondent. Kevin (Billy Zane) and Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord) have been dating for six months so Sadie decides to confess to her friend Jennifer (Viva Bianca) that she believes Kevin will propose to her on their romantic weekend getaway. While seemingly happy for her friend, Jennifer remains critical of ready her friend is ready to marry a man she has only known for six months, something which Sadie brushes off. Sadie also asks Jennifer to be her maid of honor. Sadie and Kevin head up to his holiday home and the two spend the day together, including having sex in the lake on the property. When drying the clothes of the pair, Sadie finds Kevin's phone and sees a sexual text from another woman. Sadie goes back out to Kevin and asks him whether he loves her and when he replies yes, she asks whether that means he'll never cheat on her. After brushing off her questions and being generally cold, Sadie tells him that she will give him what he wants and begins to unzip his pants. However she becomes quite violent and ends up pepper-spraying Kevin as well as knocking him out with a log from the near by fire. Kevin wakes up and is tied to a chair. At first confused and seemingly believing it to be some sexual fantasy, Kevin is quite calm. However Sadie tells him that she knows about his affair which is between him and her best friend, Jennifer. She also tells Kevin that she invited over Jennifer via his phone, telling her that Sadie and Kevin's relationship had ended and he has the house to himself for the weekend. Sadie takes Kevin upstairs to their bedroom and ties him to the bed as well as gagging him. Sadie lies out candles and rose petals as well as some spiked champagne for Jennifer.
Duration: 86 min
Year of release: 2014
Genres: Thriller

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