Shame in streaming. Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a successful, handsome advertising executive in his thirties living a fantasy life of hypersexuality in New York City. Distanced from his dysfunctional family and seemingly without any close friends, his carefully cultivated life lets him indulge a growing secret sexual addiction, while struggling with his eroding ability to connect emotionally with anyone. During his morning commute to work, on a subway train he flirts with a woman and she reciprocates. She has on both a wedding ring and an engagement ring, and when they exit the train, she disappears into the crowd. His company's computer system is compromised by a virus; in the clean-up, Brandon's computer hard drive indicates an obsessive history of surfing pornographic sites, one of which is probably the source of the virus. Although Brandon, who is driven to masturbate in the bathroom stall at work, is responsible, it is assumed by company heads that his intern is to blame.
Duration: 101 min
Year of release: 2011
Genres: Drama

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