Shameless in streaming. The series charts the lives of Frank Gallagher, an intelligent but wasteful alcoholic and his large, dysfunctional family, but as the show progressed it also widened the scope to include other occupants of the Chatsworth Estate notably the Maguire family. Central characters in the Gallagher family include eldest daughter Fiona (S1.1 - S2.11), eldest son 'Lip' (1.1 - 5.1), plus younger Ian (S1.1 - S7.16), Carl (S1.1 - S9.6), Debbie (S1.1 - S6.16), Liam (S1.1 - S8.5, 11.8) and baby Stella who has grown up as the show continues. The Gallagher family reside at 2 Windsor Gardens on the fictional Chatsworth Estate, a deprived council estate in an undisclosed area of Manchester. Originally the show was filmed on location on the real life West Gorton council estate in East Manchester and in the Pie Factory Studios in Salford. Since Series 5, the show has been filmed from a purpose built set on the Roundthorn Industrial Estate in South Manchester on the site of an old Umbro warehouse, and around Wythenshawe and Sale. Since 2009, the Maguire family have featured heavily in the central plot, due to many of the Gallaghers being written out. As of 2012, only Frank Gallagher and Karen Jackson remain of the original cast.
Duration: 90 min
Year of release: 2004
Genres: Comedy, Drama

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