Struck by Lightning

Struck by Lightning in streaming. High school senior Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer) is randomly struck and killed by lightning and the rest of the movie is a flashback of his life. He desires to go to Northwestern University in order to one day become the youngest editor for The New Yorker, but so far is having limited success in making those dreams happen. One day during a writer's club meeting, Malerie Baggs (Rebel Wilson) comes in to get advice about her short stories. Carson tells her not to give up, and says that she can't find the ideas, the ideas have to find her. He later goes to a student council meeting run by head cheerleader Claire Matthews (Sarah Hyland). Claire, as well as everyone in student council, resort to ignoring him due to his constant objections to their ideas. While Sheryl is picking up several prescriptions, she makes idle small talk with the cheerful new pharmacist April (Christina Hendricks), who is six months pregnant. Carson also visits his grandmother (Polly Bergen), the first person who encouraged his writing, but she doesn't know who he is due to Alzheimer's disease. She tells him her grandson used to be so happy and full of life, but was now his own personal rain cloud.
Duration: min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Comedy

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