Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact in streaming. Artist Jennifer Spencer and her sister were raped by a group of young men 10 years ago, after being betrayed by a female friend, Ray Parkins. The brutal rape left Jennifer's sister permanently catatonic. Spencer seeks revenge, and begins by killing George Wilburn with two shots from a .38 snubnosed revolver, one in the groin and one in the head. She leaves San Francisco for the town of San Paulo because of the police investigation, and begins restoring its boardwalk's historic carousel near the beach where the rapes occurred. Meanwhile, San Francisco Police Department Homicide Inspector Harry Callahan is frustrated when a judge yet again dismisses a case due to unreasonable search and seizure. At his favorite diner, the inspector interrupts a robbery and kills most of the criminals. When the surviving robber takes a hostage, Callahan challenges him to "Go ahead, make my day"; the criminal surrenders.
Duration: 118 min
Year of release: 1983

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