The Factory

The Factory in streaming. In Buffalo, New York, a man named Gary picks up a prostitute and take her to his home. When he spots that she is transsexual, he angrily murders her, cuts up the body, and places the pieces in a freezer. Meanwhile, Mike Fletcher, a detective, becomes obsessed with the case, which is under threat of being shut down due to its inactivity. A troubled Thanksgiving holiday dinner reveals that he has been ignoring his family, including his rebellious daughter, Abby. Following an argument with her mother, Abby sneaks out of the house to be with her boyfriend Tad. At the diner where he works, Tad breaks up with her, and Abby runs outside. Tad sees her talk to a person in a car; when he next looks, she has disappeared. Gary kidnaps Abby and chains her up in his basement, where he keeps two other young women prisoner, Brittany and Lauren, who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Mike and his partner, Kelsey Walker, immediately investigate Abby's disappearance. Although he initially denies any knowledge of Abby's disappearance, Tad shows up at the police station the next day and identifies Darrell, a former suspect and Gary's co-conspirator, who he saw at the diner. Mike and Kelsey interrogate Darrell, but Mike physically assaults him and is taken off the case. Mike breaks into Darrell's house and finds a list of pharmaceuticals that Darrell has supplied to Gary, before Kelsey shows up to back him up. He takes the list to the hospital and has a brief conversation with Gary, who works as a cook there. Darrell's boss tells Mike that Darrell has not shown up for work and the list of drugs is written by a non-professional. Mike calls the company on the back of the list in the hope of finding him, but they are too busy to immediately respond. That night, a snow storm shuts down the airport and forces Darrell to stay in town. Mike and Kelsey track Darrell to a hotel but find Darrell dead and circumstantial evidence planted by Gary pointing to him as the kidnapper. Mike receives a call from the company, which turns out to be a catering company. He pieces that together with details of Gary's description by a would-be victim and realizes that Gary is the killer. He and Kelsey make their way to Gary's house as Kelsey reports it over the phone. Meanwhile, Abby, who had framed Brittany for breaking Gary's rules, convinces him that Brittany was just celebrating the fact she is pregnant, and Abby takes Brittany's place for a special dinner he had planned; she uses this opportunity to stab him with a corkscrew. Gary throws her back into the basement, where a pregnant Lauren's water has broken. Due to her immobility, she asks Abby to help cut the baby out. Mike and Kelsey arrive at the house, and Mike briefly talks to Abby over the house intercom. Abby tells him that Gary keeps the basement key around his neck. Mike confronts and shoots Gary, but Kelsey picks up Gary's discarded shotgun and shoots Mike, revealing that she was with Gary the entire time; her infertility left them unable to have children like they wanted, so he set up an operation to kidnap prostitutes and force them to have children. Gary dies, and before Kelsey kills Mike, he reveals that Abby is pregnant. Kelsey frees Abby and takes Lauren's recently born baby, assuring them that they're safe. The police later find Gary's nursery, which is now empty. Weeks later, Kelsey is shown to be on the road with the missing babies. As she leaves a message to Abby in which she congratulates Abby on her becoming a mother, Abby hears the babies cry in the background.
Duration: 108 min
Year of release: 2012
Genres: Crime, Thriller

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