The Forger

The Forger in streaming. Joshua Mason (Josh Hutcherson) is a troubled 15-year-old who is abandoned by his mother in a motel. Joshua finishes a painting someone had started at the mission and sells it for fifty dollars only to be caught by the artist. After living there for over a week, he manages to create several pieces of art; on the walls, mirror and ceiling before abandoning the place. A social worker, Vanessa Reese, is called by the manager about them and the boy, because the manager hasn't seen the boy's mother for sometime. Meanwhile, Joshua is wandering around the town of Carmel, having nowhere to go when he meets Amber during her lunch break. They talk through the tardy bell and are caught by one of the school's faculty. Claiming to not have heard the bell, she is dragged off to be sent to the principal's office. Joshua becomes upset with how aggressive the teacher is being towards her and tells him several times to give her a break. After being ignored, Joshua climbs the fence and pulls Amber from his grip only to be confronted by her older brother who thinks he is harassing his younger sister. Joshua ends up punching Ryan, only to be hit several times in return. He runs off as the rain starts, hides in a drain pipe, but gets caught in the streaming water. His hand is cut as he falls out of the pipe. He sees a house up on the hill and breaks into it, needing a place to get out of the rain. He cleans up his cut and makes himself a meal. While exploring the vacant mansion, he finds an art Studio. Inside, he finds a painting that is only half complete and finishes it, before falling asleep. When he awakens he is confronted by the police, before being taken to child services. There, he tells them that he hasn't seen his mother nor does he know where she is. Back at the mansion, the owner Everly finds the finished painting and believes the boy has real talent since he had been unable find anyone to complete portrait, let alone do it with complete accuracy. Everly decides to take in the boy thinking that he might be able to exploit his art talent. While eating breakfast one morning, Everly gives Joshua a fountain pen as a gift and the two talk about art. Joshua tells Everly about the artists that he has read about and saying that his favorite happens to be the creator of Dennis the Menace (Hank Ketcham).
Duration: 94 min
Year of release: 2015
Genres: Drama

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