The Matrix

The Matrix in streaming. Thomas Anderson is a computer programmer who maintains a double life as the hacker "Neo". Another hacker named Trinity contacts Neo and informs him that a man named Morpheus can tell him the meaning of "the Matrix", a phrase that Neo has encountered repeatedly online but does not understand. However, three dark-suited Agents, led by Agent Smith, appear determined to prevent Neo from finding out the meaning of the phrase "The Matrix." Neo eventually meets Morpheus, who warns that once he shows Neo the Matrix, he will not be able to "go back". Neo accepts by choosing an offered red pill; his reality soon disintegrates and he abruptly wakes, naked and weak, in a liquid-filled vessel, finding himself one of billions of people connected by cables to an elaborate electrical system. He is rescued and brought aboard Morpheus' levitating ship, the Nebuchadnezzar.
Duration: 136 min
Year of release: 1999
Genres: Action, Adventure

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