The Tourist

The Tourist in streaming. Elise Clifton-Ward (Angelina Jolie) is being followed by French Police while working with Scotland Yard under the direction of Inspector John Acheson (Paul Bettany). Acheson has spent years hunting Elise's old lover, Alexander Pearce, who owes £744 million in back taxes from money stolen from a Russian mob, and is believed to have received plastic surgery to alter his appearance completely. At a cafe, Elise receives written instructions from Pearce: board a train to Venice, pick out a man, and make the police believe that this decoy is Pearce himself. Elise burns the note, then manages to evade the police and board the train. On the train, Elise picks Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), a U.S. community college teacher. She spends much time with him, seeming to start a romance. In the meanwhile, the police have managed to salvage the ashes of her burned note and assembled them to extract information regarding her rendezvous as well as her ruse. Aware of her location but not of the ruse, an informer from the police station communicates to Reginald Shaw (Steven Berkoff), a gangster from whom Pearce stole $2.3 billion, that Pearce is traveling with Elise on the train to Venice. Shaw immediately proceeds to Venice. Elise invites Frank to stay with her at her room at the Royal Hotel Danieli that has been arranged for her in Venice. Pearce leaves further instructions for Elise to attend a ball. Elise abandons Frank, who is then chased by Shaw's men. While trying to escape from them, Frank is detained by the Italian police ostensibly for his own safety, only to have a corrupt inspector turn him over to Shaw's men in exchange for the bounty that has been placed on Pearce's head. Elise rescues Frank just before he is handed over, leading Shaw's men on an extended boat chase and escaping. She leaves Frank at the airport with his passport and money, urging him to go home for his own safety. Elise is revealed to be an undercover Scotland Yard agent who was under suspension for her suspected sympathies with Pearce. Because of her fears for Frank, she agrees to participate in a sting operation. At the ball as Elise wanders around trying to spot Pearce in the crowd, an envelope is placed on the table in front of her by a man who then quickly disappears into the crowd. Elise sees that the envelope is for her, and believes that the man must be Pearce himself. She tries to follow him through the crowd, calling out his name, but is stopped by Frank, who has managed to enter the event. Frank claims to be in love with Elise and invites her to dance with him, only to hauled away by the police. Elise opens the envelope and finds a note mentioning a rendezvous point, then heads off in her boat to this new rendezvous point; Shaw and his men tail her in their boat. Both parties are followed discreetly by the police in another boat, Frank held handcuffed inside to stop him from obstructing the investigation. When Elise arrives at the destination, Shaw takes her prisoner, threatening to harm her unless she reveals the location of the stolen money. The police monitor the situation inside the rendezvous room through audio and video links. Despite Elise's peril, Acheson repeatedly turns down police requests to intervene with their snipers. While the police are occupied in monitoring the situation, Frank escapes from the police boat and confronts Shaw, claiming to be Pearce and offering to open the safe if Elise is allowed to leave safely. Shaw is skeptical and makes a counter offer that Frank should open the safe if he does not want to see Elise being cut up. Chief Inspector Jones (Timothy Dalton) arrives at the police stake-out, overrides Acheson, and orders the police snipers to fire into the room, killing Shaw and his men. Jones lifts Elise's suspension, but then terminates her employment. Acheson receives a radio message that Pearce has been found not far from the rendezvous point, and rushes to the location where police have detained the suspect. However, the man claims to be just a tourist who has merely been following instructions texted to his mobile phone, mostly to be present at certain locations, for which he has been receiving payments. Meanwhile, Elise tells Frank that she loves him, but she also loves Pearce. Frank then suggests a "solution" to this dilemma; to Elise's surprise, he opens the safe by entering the correct code, thus revealing that he is really Alexander Pearce. He and Elise then take the money and depart, leaving a check in the safe for the full amount of the taxes he owes to be found by the police. Acheson prepares to chase after Pearce once he realizes the truth, but Jones overrides him, reasoning that with the taxes now paid in full Pearce's only crime is that he stole money from a now-dead gangster. Jones orders the case to be closed, much to Acheson's frustration. Frank and Elise sail away to a new life together.
Duration: 103 min
Year of release: 2010
Genres: Drama, Thriller

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  1. Je souhaiterais regarder ce film d’ Angelina Jolie et Johnny Depp…il me semble que cela doit être un bon film…puisque ces acteurs sont des bons joueurs mondiaux du film…

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