The Wall

The Wall in streaming. A woman (Martina Gedeck) travels with her two friends, Hugo and Luise, and their loyal dog Lynx to their isolated hunting lodge in the Austrian Alps. Soon after they arrive, Luise insists that Hugo accompany her to a pub in a nearby village, leaving behind their dog and the woman. The next morning, realizing her friends never returned as planned, the woman sets off on foot toward the village, followed by the dog. As she walks along the road, her progress is stopped abruptly by a mysterious invisible wall. After several unsuccessful attempts to continue past the invisible barrier, the woman turns back to the lodge with the dog. Along the way she approaches a farmhouse, but again is prevented by the invisible wall from making contact with the two owners who appear frozen in time. Back at the lodge, the woman grows increasingly depressed over her predicament. After exploring the area again with binoculars, she concludes that the couple at the farmhouse, as well as all the people in the village, must be dead. During her walk, the woman encounters a cow that she takes with her. Knowing the animal is both a blessing and a burden, she feeds and milks her, and names her Bella. Sometime later, she gets into Hugo's car and drives down the road toward the village and tries to drive through the obstruction—but the car crashes into the invisible wall.
Duration: 108 min
Year of release: 2017
Genres: Drama, Fantasy

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