We Are the Best!

We Are the Best! in streaming. 1982 Stockholm: Bobo, Klara, and Hedvig are three early-teen girls ignored by their parents and considered strange by other people. The trio decide to start a punk band (something that only boys were doing at the time) despite others saying that punk is dead. Bobo and Klara, with short hair and looking like boys, start the band on a whim. Bobo feels neglected by her single mother and uses the band as a means of escape. After seeing her perform with her guitar at a school concert, the duo ask the shy Christian girl, Hedvig, to join them. They eventually convince her to have her long, golden hair cut off, getting herself her own punk look in the process. Her mother is upset and threatens Bobo and Klara that she will report this to the police. On the condition that from now on they go to church every week, she will let the matter rest. When they refuse she explains this is meant as a comparison; she claims that they demanded Hedvig to have her hair cut as a condition to be friends and to be allowed in the band. At school, Hedvig avoids Bobo and Klara; they think that this is because she regrets having her hair cut and is angry at them, but in fact she is embarrassed by her mother's behavior and assumes that Bobo and Klara are angry at her. This is quickly sorted out. Klara tries to force Hedvig to give up her faith, because of Ebba Grön's song "Hang God". However, she relents when Bobo states her own agnostic beliefs.
Duration: 102 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Drama

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